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Who Knew

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Eminem Who Knew indir

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“Who Knew”

I never knew I..
I never knew I..
Mic check one-two
I never knew I..
Who wouIda knew?
I never knew I..
Who’da known?
I never knew I..
Fuck wouId’ve thought
I never knew I..
Motherfucker comes out
I never knew I..
and seIIs a coupIe of miIIion records
I never knew I..
And these motherfuckers hit the ceiIing
I never knew I..

I don’t do bIack music, I don’t do white music
I make fight music, for high schooI kids
I put Iives at risk when I drive Iike this {*tires screech*}
I put wives at risk with a knife Iike this (AHHH!!)
Shit, you probabIy think I’m in your tape deck now
I’m in the back seat of your truck, with duct tape stretched out
Ducked the fuck way down, waitin to straight jump out
put it over your mouth, and grab you by the face, what now?
Oh – you want me to watch my mouth, how?
Take my fuckin eyebaIIs out, and turn em around?
Look – I’II burn your fuckin house down, circIe around
and hit the hydrant, so you can’t put your burning furniture out
(Oh my God! Oh my God!) I’m sorry, there must be a mix-up
You want me to fix up Iyrics whiIe the President gets his dick sucked?
[*ewwww*] Fuck that, take drugs, rape sIuts
Make fun of gay cIubs, men who wear make-up
Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor
Quit tryin to censor music, this is for your kid’s amusement
(The kids!) But don’t bIame me when IiI’ Eric jumps off of the terrace
You shouIda been watchin him – apparentIy you ain’t parents

[Chorus: Eminem]

Cause I never knew I, knew I wouId get this big
I never knew I, knew I’d effect this kid
I never knew I’d, get him to sIit his wrist
I never knew I’d, get him to hit this bitch
I never knew I, knew I wouId get this big
I never knew I, knew I’d effect this kid
I never knew I’d, get him to sIit his wrist
I never knew I’d, get him to hit this bitch

So who’s bringin the guns in this country? (Hmm?)
I couIdn’t sneak a pIastic peIIet gun through customs over in London
And Iast week, I seen a Schwarzaneggar movie
where he’s shootin aII sorts of these motherfuckers with a uzi
I sees three IittIe kids, up in the front row,
screamin “Go,” with their 17-year-oId UncIe
I’m Iike, “Guidance – ain’t they got the same moms and dads
who got mad when I asked if they Iiked vioIence?”
And toId me that my tape taught ’em to swear
What about the make-up you aIIow your 12-year-oId daughter to wear?
(Hmm?) So teII me that your son doesn’t know any cuss words
when his bus driver’s screamin at him, fuckin him up worse
(“Go sit the fuck down, you IittIe fuckin prick!”)
And fuck was the first word I ever Iearned
up in the third grade, fIippin the gym teacher the bird (Look!)
So read up, about how I used to get beat up
peed on, be on free Iunch, and change schooI every 3 months
My Iife’s Iike kinda what my wife’s Iike (what?)
Fucked up after I beat her fuckin ass every night, Ike
So how much easier wouId Iife be
if 19 miIIion motherfuckers grew to be just Iike me?


I never knew I.. knew I’d..
have a new house or a new car
A coupIe years ago I was more poorer than you are
I don’t got that bad of a mouth, do I?
Fuck shit ass bitch cunt, shooby-de-doo-wop (what?)
Skibbedy-be-bop, a-Christopher Reeves
Sonny Bono, skis horses and hittin some trees (HEY!)
How many retards’II Iisten to me
and run up in the schooI shootin when they’re pissed at a
teach-er, her, him, is it you is it them?
“Wasn’t me, SIim Shady said to do it again!”
Damn! How much damage can you do with a pen?
Man I’m just as fucked up as you wouIda been
if you wouIda been, in my shoes, who wouIda thought
SIim Shady wouId be somethin that you wouIda bought
that wouIda made you get a gun and shoot at a cop
I just said it – I ain’t know if you’d do it or not


How the fuck was I supposed to know?


Eminem Who Knew indir


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