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What do you think?

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Agust D What do you think? indir

Agust D What do you think? indir bedava müzik indir tarafından gösteriliyor.


This essay examines spaces within hip-hop culture where hip-hop feminist thought and activism might make significant interventions. It offers an exploratory examination of hip-hop feminism in an effort to map out an agenda for the twenty-first century. The essay is not concerned with hard-and-fast answers to the combination of feminism and hip-hop but rather with what hip-hop feminism might add to current conversations surrounding race, class, gender, and sexuality. By examining the conscious/commercial rap dichotomy, the discussions surrounding video models, lyrics by rapper Jean Grae, and the work of contemporary women authors, this essay opens the door for further dialogue about women, rap, and hip-hop feminism


Agust D What do you think? indir

Agust D

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