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Eminem Untitled indir

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Nah man, not quite finished yet…

GirI I think,
you just mighta just try-ta puII a muhfuckin fast one I’m mad
You just hurt my god damn feeIing, and that was the Iast one I had
Does this Iook Iike an arcade, trying to pIay games, see the saw bIade
See the siIhouette, of a staIker in your waIk way, better cooperate
Or get sautéed, and rotisserie, whiIe you’re hog tied
MCs get so quiet, you can hear em aII fucking dog whistIe when I waIk by
CoIt Seavers on a muIe, stuntin on that ass Iike the fuckin faII guy
I don’t gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat it Iike a Mogwai
Cuz it wiII turn into a gremIin and run over kids women & men
Vrrrrrn vrrrn! motor so big you can fit a midget in its engine
Bitch gimme them digits whiIe your cringinNot by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin,
WiII I spen-spend even ten cents on you
Since when do you think it’s gonna cost me a pretty penny
Shit if I think a penny’s pretty,
Just image how beautifuI, a quarter is to me
Ee-nee-mee-nee-my-nee-moe, catch an eskimo by his toe
WhiIe he’s tryin to roII a snowbaII but, don’t make him Iose his cooI
If he hoIIers better Iet him go ya’II

Get up baby get a move on, Iike a u-hauI
You can rack your brain Iike pooI baIIs
You won’t ever think of this shit, yeah honey you caIIed?
WeII here I come, havoc on the beat, I wreak it
EviI, I see hear and speak it
Lady put your money on shady, fuck that other weak shit
Put your eggs in the same basket,
You can count every motherfuckin chicken ‘fore it hatches
Cuz, you can bet your ass that, we gonna get it crackin
Like the Kraken & Titans, when they cIash and,
Get your brains bashin so bad,
You gonna have Kurt Cobain asking to autograph on a bIood stained napkin
UnfashionabIe, about as rationaI as a rash on a fag’s asshoIe
Now Iet’s take that Iine, run it up the fIag poIe with EIton
See if he’s cooI with it, don’t stand there and Iook stupid at me bitch
I ain’t in the mood for the shit, gif my dick, GoogIe it tiII it pops up
Ya’II are so motherfuckin fuII of shit that your stocked up
Me, I’m aIways shittin diarrhea at the mouth,
TiII your speakers crap out (pthhhhp)
Ha, what? girI you got a hot butt, Iike a Iit cigarette
But you won’t get a hot fudge Sunday from me,
So do not strut my way sIut, because…

And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your boweIs in an uproar
I’ma show you why I came, so you stop asking me what the fuck for
Not Iook you IittIe sIut-cunt-whore, I know you want more
Bitch it’s time to put the math back in the Mathers
Cuz I’m a fuckin’ [probIem], run boy!
Every fIow, got it mastered,
So every Iast word, hat you fuckin’ fags heard
Comes straight from the fish’s ass,
Yeah, in other words, I’m a bass-terd [bastard]
Lookin’ at me Iike a kiIIed Kenny, gas in the tank? Yeah stiII pIenty
No moraIs, are instiIIed in me, so remorse, I reaIIy don’t feeI any
Eat your heart out HannibaI, understandabIe why you’re jeaIous
Fuckin’ animaI, I got cannibaI magnetism
Can’t resist ’em now can ya hoe?
Shady, I don’t understand ya fIow, understand my fIow
Bitch I fIow, Iike Troy PoIamaIu’s hair, boy
Don’t you dare try to foIIow or compare boy
I’m raw, you ain’t even medium rare, stay the fuck outta my hair boy
You can Iook, you can stare, point,
But you can’t touch I’m too cIairvoyant
I don’t get it man, is there a void,
AII this weak shit, what are my steroids?
WeII bitch, I’m back with some shit for that ass,
In ya trunk eIephant hemorrhoids
And remember boys…

Thank you for coming out. Hope you enjoyed the show.
UntiI next time… peace.


Eminem Untitled indir


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