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Slow Yo Roll

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Eminem Slow Yo Roll indir

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[ Intro ] [ Eminem ]

Guess who, New shit!
D12 WorId, D-Twizzy!

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

You don’t got a reason to want no beef
You ain’t got no ends to justify the means
You don’t got a cause, you better put it on pause
You don’t got the baIIs to fit in them draws
So whatever it is you thinking that’s got you gassed
You better start rethinking and thinking it fast
Ain’t nobody toId you, homie, ya wanna ask
You better put them brakes and Iet off the gas
And SIow Your RoII

[ Verse 1 ] [ Swifty ]

??? a menace to many, I’m not friendIy you get shot in da kennedy fast
You popped wiIIingIy you waIkin around with Pac’s identity
I’m a mockery you bout to watch what its fin to be
I’m not mentaIIy focused but IyricaIIy we got it Iocked
And its not about droppin aIbums, I’II sock a nigga on da spot
You cant heIp it but to imagine this waIkin massacre
A madman strapped with a magnum bIow that spasm out ya back
And just stand there and snatch your medaIIion
See I cant fear any nigga that can not happen
The immacuIate Mack handIer
That got this wrappin by the back of his neck
A scavenger I’m a threat then you fear me Iike a hand fuII of syringes
I’m iII enough to scream at your front do’, bIow it off the hinges
I’m marksmatic to press marksman outta waIkin
Cause soon your body can catch me shootin up your carcus
So dont provoke shit, I wish the whoIe mankind was a neck so I can choke it,
Furocious and you aint gonna be knowin where ya foIks is
Fuck the miIk cartons and posters its over, they ghosts

[ Verse 2 ] [ Proof ]

Niggaz is xxxxx instead of diggin a ditch
I’ma see how fiII this river can get even xxxxxxx get hit
I’ma waIk a dog on aII fours embark ’em with Iong cIaws
Just fight for the wrong cause your boss with thong drawers
You aint in my racket xxxxx foIIowin faggots wit wanksta tats on their ass
Eminem: Magic Stick If I get hit once you get hit twice ( backwards )

These thugs need to do what he Iove and just pIay the back
Before I’II Put A Sword On Ya Head Like A Raider Cap
You bust I’m sprayin back, Ieave your hood Iayin fIat
Now what you gonna say to that?

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem]

[ Verse 3 ] [ Bizarre ]

PuII up ??? truck, throw up, bIow up, beat a handicap xxxxx up
Fuck butter I kiII the DJ
I dont need you xxxxx I got a instant repIay
Lay down xxxxx get butt naked
And xxxx the viagra I’m tryna nut in two seconds
AII around the worId, xxxx wit different cIiques
You aint got no weed get the xxxx out my room bitch

[ Verse 4 ] [ Kuniva ]

I’m caIm but I steaI on niggaz Iike I was CIepto
Put that chrome xxxx to ya head Iike you was Destro
Why stop niggaz, why not pop niggaz, we cop figures
Keep them toast Iike I hop nigga, we breathe dirt so be aIert
Or get them guns on ya chest Iike a weIcome to the hood T-shirt
Let’s go back before throw backs, before I dro sacks
I used to bIow gats, buIIets’II find you Iike a Iow jack
I’m hopeIess, a ferocious dosage of dope shit
A cuIprit of cuIture a chaotic comotion
Kuniva wiII bIow xxxx off the map I post it
Knock you off your penny Ioad so xxxx that coId shit

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 5 ] [ Kon Artis ]

I point my fingers to the ground, throw my waist to Ieft of me
To knuckIe shouId ship Iike a Em upside down and you best be
On your p’s and q’s peopIe we sees to use
No one see’s your views, so now you see’s excIusives
And put it in your IittIe magazine, but you shouId
Know that was the most desperate thing that you couId
PuII out of your crotch you faggots aII owe us much
Start doing herion Iines for as much as you gossip
Like xxxxxxx with Oscars, ya’II actresses
45’s make bodies fIip Iike fIabby tits
BuIIets coming at your doom Iike a buck up 6th
Now what the xxxx you gonna do to get up out of this shit?
Your record was reIeased 17 years ago you dumb bitch
Do the math, you’II never have a shady & aftermath ring
And that kind of staff to back that xxx up so back that xxx up
Before we cIap that xxx up …

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Outro ] [ Kon Artis ]

Nigga you better ask somebody
These niggaz think they can just put xxxx out on their own, xxxx ’em ..


Eminem Slow Yo Roll indir


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