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Save The Holy Land

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Avalon Save The Holy Land indir

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When we look at our world today
The beauty has gone and the sky is grey
We don’t know, what’s going on

This man has brought us a life in chains
His power rules and we cry in pain
Oh Lord, please help us turn down his reign

The holy land
Go hand in hand
Our prayers will bring joy and freedom
The holy land
Is the only place alive
To live as one

When we look at our children today
They see their world in a different way
We can’t let the man… lead them astray

Why destroy our nature each day?
Every tree has a life and it’s taken in vain
Take us back to the past, we’ve got to save…

… is the only place on earth

It’s hard to imagine what future will bring
Let freedom prevail and our children sing
Back to our roots, we’ve got to save…



Avalon Save The Holy Land indir


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