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Ernies Jive! indir

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Well, I thought about the scene a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion, back in the day we used to admit to the confusion that exists between real styles and illusion, but I must tell you if you think that we are losin our honesty because we are bustin’ out like confusions on those of you who think that you are choosin the right of way because you hear it everyday, well turn off your radio turn it off all the way. We’re not ska-core, reggae, jazz, we’re not hip hop or rock or pop, you know we won’t stop groovin’, it’s like a thing called Jive!, you mix it up and keep the people satisfied no need to classify or nullify the claims that say we’re insane, so to pacify those of you who need a label call it what you want I know you’ll kick it if you’re able.
We call it Jive!
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that we’re special just cuz our sound is not that commercial, or maybe it is, maybe that’s not for me to say, but I’ve seen less honest music everyday, just like our soundless souls that are sold on the radio melodramatic lyrics made up like Fabio, they hide reality in a well made allusion to a world where the real is illusion.
We call it Jive!
Well, I remember the times we used to hit downtown Richmond got kicked out the Metro, me and my Blind Jeans, my Indy hat ended up on the street and I went back for a smoke in my Capri. Back then is when we used to swang, rankin, and skankin was the thang until the music scene back home sold out, that’s when me and my crew decided to show them what it’s all about for the old skool we were late, we put down the skates, started grabbin’ guitars horns drums and the bass kickin it live inside the garage hittin’ them with a lyrical barrage but it’s like we’re trippin’ tips shit got drastically of a sudden , the need to play bombastically, we lost sight of what is real it took us this long to get back on the reel to reel.
We call it Jive!


Ernies Jive! indir


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