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Freestyle - Slick Rick

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Funkmaster Flex Freestyle – Slick Rick indir

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*phone rings twice*

[Lisa]Hi Rick, it’s me Mona Lisa
[Rick]Hey what’s goin on, how you?
[Lisa]You remember me right, right before ? all that?
How’s your moms, how’s everything?
[Rick]Yeah chillin chillin, she’s fine, she’s fine
[Lisa]Oh, that’s good, that’s good
So whassup witchu?
[Rick]Yeah, I’m tryin to maintain, y’know
[Lisa]When you gonna come out with another album?
[Rick]I’ma star now, I’ma start new shit
[Lisa]It’s sad, you played yourself though
[Rick]Yeah I’ma be on Flex album
[Lisa]Tsshk, Funkmaster Flex?
[Rick]Volume uhh volume three I think?
[Lisa]Funkmaster Flex that be on the radio?
[Rick]YEAH Funkmaster YEAH
The Funkmaster Flex that be on Hot 97
[Lisa]You serious?
[Rick]I’m tellin you, aight watch this
[Lisa]So how it sound, it sound good?
[Rick]It’s aight y’know, you gotta judge for yourself and shit
[Lisa]Mmmm, let me hear a little then

*”Mona Lisa* beat kicks in*

So, dick a lot of mine, or stick to
and yet to see a motherfucker shine like Rick do
Just to stand beside the Don as is
will make you appear bigger than your bum ass is
“Well I’m feelin it, cash flow’s climbin”
Where? In what project asshole, find him
“There there” You fake Frederic hush
Not the only, beneath me, degenerate CRUSH
Fact is, a lot of brothers wanna cap this
head, or should I say, nerve center of the rap biz
(Work it out Rick!) When Rick’s around ?
You round piece of dog shit, gotten the point now?
Burnt out, inflicted, turn out a chick quick
And big nosed rappers, suck sperm out of Rick’s dick
Son, the nigga is a bum
And this old man, he plays one..

[Rick]So, what did you think of that now?
[Lisa]Oh shit, okay, okay
[Rick]Huh, am I it, am I still makin hits?
[Lisa]I underestimated you, you the man
[Rick]Thank you sweetheart that’s nice, I appreciate that
[Lisa]You the man nigga — say you still with that same girl?
[Rick]Yeah I’m still with here y’know
[Lisa]Gonna hook up with me again?
[Rick]C’mon you know I can’t fuck with that..


Funkmaster Flex Freestyle - Slick Rick indir


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