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Emerald Eyes

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Embracing Emerald Eyes indir

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You are the only precious
With the glimmer in your emerald eyes
A hand reaches for mine
It’s so warm and cures my cold
In your arms soon I’ll sleep
Embrace your velvet body
If you want I’ll stay forever
But something pushes me back

I always tend to lose your hand
And then again I’m back in my twisted world
It’s so dark in here, why can’t they leave me

Emerald eyes watching down on me
The guardian angel has been set free
She is my guidance through this dream
But I’ve lost her hand
And I will never leave this land

Your face was maybe just a memory
I don’t know if you ever was here
Will I ever be sure of what this all means
Loneliness has weakened my presence
Emptied my body of finest essence
I can’t live inside the memories any more
You wanted me to stay forever
But something pushed me back


Embracing Emerald Eyes indir


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